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In 1991, our company gradually transformed from the classic Haute couture salon into a clothing studio dealing with the design and production of theatrical, advertising and professional costumes in the range of small series to the development center of outdoor and professional clothing.
Thanks to many years of experience and cooperation with many outdoor companies in the field of design, technology and construction of outdoor and functional clothing, LiLLi Design can today offer top services in this field.
· Design of clothing for individuals and corporate clients 
· Design of clothing decorations, prints, full-prints and accessories 
· Technical drawings and documentation for production in the Czech Republic and abroad 
 · Design of cuts in digital form 
  · Development and production of pre-production samples 
· Complete service related to mass production and its import 
  · Inspection of production, not only for our products 
  · Preparation of technical-clothing materials and competition samples for over-limit public contracts